This is a partial list of conferences, invited academic talks and policy/public lectures given in the past three to four years.  I will update these with the links to the talks - particularly the policy talks - as I get the chance:

Policy/Public Lectures

OECD Forum ‘Meet the Author’ Session, Paris (29th May, 2018)

OECD Forum ‘IdeasFactory’ on the Post Truth World, Paris (6th June, 2017)

Childhood, Education and Welfare, University of Melbourne, Melbourne (15th February, 2017)

OECD Forum ‘IdeasFactory’ on the Digital Future, Paris (1st June, 2016)

OECD Forum ‘IdeasFactory’, Paris (2nd June, 2015)

OECD Workshop on Health and Education, Paris (1st June, 2015)

OECD Forum Keynote, Paris (5th May, 2014)

University of Sydney ‘Insights’ Series, Sydney (7th June, 2013)

OECD Forum Keynote, Paris (29th May, 2013)

Australian Bureau of Statistics NATSTATS2013, Brisbane (13th March 2013)

International Statistical Institute World Congress, Dublin (23rd August, 2011) - Life and Times of Roy Geary

Australian Bureau of Statistics/COAG Symposium on the Future of Statistics, Parliament House, Canberra (18th August, 2011)

‘Making Economics Matter’ - Australian Conference of Economics Public Policy Symposium (14th July, 2011)

Council of Australian Government (COAG) Reform Council, Sydney (11th February, 2011)

Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra (9th February, 2011)

Department of Finance, Irish Government, Dublin (13th September, 2010)

Department of Premier and Cabinet, Australian Government, Canberra (18th May, 2010)

Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria Government, Melbourne (12th May, 2010)

Grattan Institute Public Debate – Education, Melbourne (11th May, 2010)

Dublin Economics Workshop/UCD Geary Institute ‘Crisis Conference’, Dublin (2nd November 2009)

Foundation for Fiscal Studies, Dublin (15th May, 2009)

Commission on Taxation, Dublin (14th February, 2009)

Irish Business and Employers Confederation Meeting on Early Childhood (2nd December, 2008)

Confederation of Student Services Annual Conference, Dublin (27th February 2008)

National Adult Literacy Association Conference, Dublin (28th February 2008)

US/Ireland Forum, New York (8th November 2007)


Academic Conferences

Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, Bristol (9th April, 2017) 

Australian Conference of Economics, ANU, Canberra (12th July, 2011)

Youth Inequality Conference, Dublin (14th/15th November 2009)

Research Methods Festival, University of Oxford (2nd July 2008)

SOLE Conference, San Francisco (5th June 2005)


Selected Academic Seminars/Presentations

University of Bristol, UK (13th March, 2018)

RAND, US (18th November, 2017)

University of Cambridge, UK (9th June, 2016)

IZA, Bonn (8th May, 2014)

Workshop on Health and Well-Being, Monash University (19th February, 2014)

Center for Social Research, University of Southern California (28th October, 2013)

Economics Discipline Group, University of Western Australia (19th October, 2013)

National Centre for Labor Studies, Flinders University (1st October, 2013)

School of Economics, University of Tasmania (17th May, 2013)

ZEW Mannheim – Keynote – Education and Equality of Opportunity (22nd October, 2012)

Centre for Excellence in Health Research, Queen’s University of Belfast (1st April, 2011)

Research School of Economics, Australian National University (9th February, 2011)

Department of Economics, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – RMIT (12th May 2010)

Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin (15th November 2009)

School of Public Health, Center for Population and Health, Harvard University (16th November 2009)

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics, University of Melbourne (29th January 2009)